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Connecting to the ViaCell-10

  1. Download and install driver here
  2. Download the configuration tool here
  3. Connect the ViaCell-10 using the special USB cable provided and connect it to the ViaCell-10 as shown below:
  1. Connect the other end of the USB cable to your computer
  2. Open the configuration tool and wait until the configuration tool detects the ViaCell-10
    1. Once you see COMX (where X can be any integer), click Open

Configuring the Network Settings

  1. Once the configuration tool connects to the ViaCell-10, the options in the left menu should now be available
  2. Click on Network on the left menu to configure the ViaCell-10 Network settings
  3. Enter the APN depending on the SIM card used
    1. For AT&T, use
    2. For Bell, use
    3. For Bell Jasper, use
  4. Under Data Servers, enter the address of as the Primary Server
  5. Under Data Servers, enter the port of 55554 as the Port
  6. Under Data Acquisition, enter 3600 in the Moving(sec) field
  7. Under Data Acquisition, enter 900 in the Standstill(sec) field
  8. Under Data Acquisition, enter 2000 in the Distance(meter) field
  9. Under Data Acquisition, enter 30 in the Angle(deg) field
  10. Under Protocol Message, ONLY enable Position and Alarm under Send. Disable everything else

Configuring the Alert Settings

  1. Click on Alerts on the left menu to configure the ViaCell-10 Alerts settings
  2. Enable Start Moving(16)
  3. Click on the ... Button next to Start Moving(16)
    1. Under Moving Detection(mg), enter 15
    2. Under Duration(s), enter 20
  1. Enable Stop Moving(17)
  2. Click on the ... Button next to Stop Moving(17)
    1. Under Duration(s), enter 60
    2. Under Moving Detection Threshold Count, enter 35