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Thermo Fischer Scientific Documents

Default Modbus Register Assignments for Thermo Scientific AutoEXEC/AutoPILOT PRO Flow Computers:

AE-APP Default Modbus Register Assignments-31

This document provides users with the DEFAULT user list. However, the default registers are not guaranteed to be the same in every install. For more accurate register mapping see document: Retrieving Register List From Thermo Fischer AutoConfig

Retrieving Register List from Thermo Fischer AutoConfig

To see the entire register list for the Thermo Fischer devices using AutoConfig you need to first connect to your device.


Select Full Update

Depending on the number of Data Blocks this could take a few minutes.


Select your Entry# and the Modbus Registers and Enron Modbus Blocks will appear on the right.


Alternatively there is a "Mouse Over" Feature in AutoConfig that allows users to see the [Table, Base, Offset].

This "Mouse Over" Tells me that the Register for Early Arrival is in Table 65 "Plunger Calculation #4"

This gives me the "Base Address" Of 43901. The "Register" value is 023. If we add that to the base address 43901+023=Register: 43924.