FloBoss Hourly History Setup

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Hourly History Configuration in SCADACore

For Hourly history some of the history points can be reused for hourly as well as daily.

NOTE: History point parameter on SCADACore needs to subtract one for the Point number:

Here we have Point 3,4: SCADACore uses the RocTalk protocol which is 0-based. So these data points are 2,3


Here is the corresponding History configuration for SCADACore:


Reuse the following History Points

Anything with Average Archive times can be reused for both Hourly and Daily:

Avg - Flow Dependant Linear

Avg - Flow Dependant Formulaic

Avg - Flow Weighted Formulaic

Avg - Linear


Current Values can be reused as well keeping in mind it will take the current value at the end of the hour. This will work for things like todays accumulated gas or liquid


Accumulated Values

Daily Accumulated values can be used to measure hourly data as well; however, we need to multiply by 24 to get a Daily "Rate". The value that we bring back in the hourly history for accumulated values is how much it produced in that hour. Most of the time clients want to see the Daily Rate for that Hour.



Pulse Inputs/Turbine Meters

When setting up turbine meters the Accumulate/Day must be change to Accumulate/Hour.

This gives the Estimated DAILY Flow Rate for the previous hour.

Setting it up in SCADACore we do not need a multiplier to get a Daily Rate.

The TLP needs to be the Current Rate Accumulated/Hour:



SCADACore is setup as follows:


If you wanted to see how much was produced the last hour you could simply /24 to get the amount of liquid produced in the previous hour.

Poll Function

To set up the polling you must add the HourlyHistory poll function On a Floboss 800 you will have 2 parameters


There are 2 parameters needed The first parameter (3 above) is how many hours of data to request The Second parameters (1 above) separated by a comma is the History Segment ID.

Flobosses other than ROC800 do not have history segments so the second parameters is simply left off: